Cols Sun Up Babe and Daughter by MR Goldking Nugget


Little Creek Quarter Horse Brood Mares must possess the qualities that offspring will need to perform.  We believe the mare passes on these traits to her foal both genetically and through her actions.  We select and breed mares that have genetics from the following stallion lines:  Jewel's Leo Bars -- (primarily Freckles Playboy), Peppy San Badger, Royal King, or King P-234.


Foal and Mother    Foaling season... Always exciting!


Little Creek Mares





Lil Candy Leo

2000 Sorrel

Royal Royales Cutter

Play Chex Dun It

1999 Red Dun

JH Play Chex

Geneva Blair

2003 Chestnut

Pappillon Blair

PM Hobos Pepolena

2001 Chestnut

Playboys Big Step

Tycoon Miss San

2001 Sorrel

Colonel Tycoon (x Colonel Freckles)


Mare List